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    We're recruiting for our team! Join our Discord today!

    We're recruiting for our team! Join our Discord today!
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    Every once in awhile, baby. I travel. :cool:

    Every once in awhile, baby. I travel. :cool:
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    Lore Submission Application

    ~ | Lore Submission Application | ~ We are opening up once again for players to begin interacting with the lore creation for the server. Unlike before, there are some more restrictions on what we'll be accepting for submissions, and who will be allowed to write said submissions. Who can apply...
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    Important Build Requests Thread

    ▹ Event Assistance Application This is for those of you who would like to have a unique build for your community or privately hosted events. Minecraft Username: Your idea for an event: Build Details(What do you need built?): Will you need event actors?: ▹ Rental Region Assistance Application...
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    Important WaymakerMC Building Rules

    With the introduction of rental regions such as stalls, houses, boats, and shops comes the introduction of rent decor and customization. And of course, with that, comes the question of what can and cannot be built! Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning. If you repeatedly...
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    Important Custom Questline Application

    ~ | Custom Questline Application | ~ Questline applicants Minecraft username(s): Is this questline private (Only you and your friends, or only you) or public (everyone is welcome)?: Links to the character applications that will be used in this questline: Preferred dates and times for the...
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    Important Staff Application Template

    ➢ Template: Minecraft Username: Discord Name: Legal Age: Time Zone: Department(s) of Interest: (Please list in bullets.) Reason For Interest in Said Department(s): Why do you want to join staff?: Particular Skill Sets?: Are you willing to sign a CLA indicating that you are willingly...
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    Important Help Report Template.

    | Help Report Template. | IGN: Brief Title of the problem you're experiencing: Description of the problem you're experiencing: When did this problem start?: (If you're experiencing a bug or a glitch, please go and report it in the bug reports section of the forums.)
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    Important Character Application Template

    ~ | Character Application Template | ~ ➢ Basic Information (Short responses are fine.) Name: Race: (Here's a link to our listed races!) Age: Gender: ➢ Visual Information Physical Appearance: Skin: Hair: Eyes: Height: Weight: Clothing: Additional Details: (For Therianthropes, Vampyrs, and...
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    Important Whitelist Application Template.

    ~ | Whitelist Application Template | ~ (Please include this template when filling out your application.) Minecraft Username: (Please ensure that the spelling is correct!) IRL Age: (Those under the age of 13 may not join WaymakerMC.) Have you read the rules?: What is meta-gaming?: (Briefly...
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    Important Waymaker Forum and Server Rules.

    | Forum and Server Rules. | Waymaker naturally has a very close-knit community, but we still need several rules implemented to keep the server and our forums a safe and friendly space for all potential and current players of the server. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse, please try and...