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  1. Fraser015

    Silas goes on a merry hunt for the undead

    Questline applicants Minecraft username(s): Fraser028 Is this questline private (Only you and your friends, or only you) or public (everyone is welcome)?: Me and a few friends (Not sure who yet) Links to the character applications that will be used in this questline...
  2. Fraser015

    Work In Progress Medical and Biological Observations of the Beasts of Fletchersburg

    Medical and Biological observations of the Beasts of Fletchersburg by Silas Sorano Chapter One: The Nature of the Beast. What is it that defines a mortal man? What is it that separates us from mere animals? It is a question that has been posed several times in study with one very clear, and...
  3. Fraser015

    Accepted Silas Sorano

    Basic Information Name: Silas Sorano Race: Amyrian (Lower) Age: 21 Gender: Male Visual Information Physical Appearance: Skin: Pale White Hair: Ebony Black Eyes: Sea Blue Height: six foot three inches Weight: 182lb Clothing: Silas is not one for bright colours, sticking to the dark of...