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  1. Officer_Walrus

    Darroway v1 Item Exchange

    Fulfilled and added to your inventory, Cypher Token removed/deleted. Only change made is there is no mention of the weapon being magical/enchanted, aside from this it is exactly as you wrote but with a bit more text. Fulfilled and added to inventory, exchanged items removed. Second item name...
  2. Officer_Walrus

    Important Darroway Business Registry

    Declined due to conduct/community presence issues. Approved. The region will be assigned to you later today.
  3. Officer_Walrus

    Personal Event Application

    This has been assigned to @1HoneyDragon.
  4. Officer_Walrus

    Accepted Gaelyn

    @HereticTakao Updated. Merged abilities listing with other sections to avoid redundancy.
  5. Officer_Walrus

    Review In Progress Angel, Sorceress of The Earth

    Claimed pending whitelist approval.
  6. Officer_Walrus

    Accepted Morozova Zmeya

    Still approved.
  7. Officer_Walrus

    Accepted Xu Moshu

    Assigned to @1HoneyDragon for review.
  8. Officer_Walrus

    Accepted Castien Zyltoris

    Re-assigning this sheet to @1HoneyDragon for review.
  9. Officer_Walrus

    Darroway v1 Item Exchange

    Attention! All questlines hosted by Khile, BigKahuna/Empaul, and Lly2 have been closed and will not be continued. This is due to the fact that the event team left to care for the department and storylines do not have any notes from said events. As we understand there are quite a few lore items...
  10. Officer_Walrus

    Rejected Name's Character Application

    Lets go over what needs to be changed: First, please specify an actual age for the character. Second, please specify the contents of your character's inventory like so: x1 Bouquet of Flowers x3 Stemweed cigarettes Third, you have listed two professions (First one being Tea/making + cooking...
  11. Officer_Walrus

    Rejected Name's Character Application

    Claimed for review.
  12. Officer_Walrus

    Its been cancelled. Put your clothes back on and go home.

    Its been cancelled. Put your clothes back on and go home.
  13. Officer_Walrus

    Rejected Ada

  14. Officer_Walrus

    The House of Montagne

    The House of Montagne is a house of mixed repute that dates back to the close of the Third Era. House Montagne maintained no records of the events that transpired during the infamous Fourth Era. Unlike the majority of civilizations, however, the House of Montagne remained above ground for the...
  15. Officer_Walrus

    Is this a threat?

    Is this a threat?
  16. Officer_Walrus

    Accepted Castien Zyltoris

    Still approved.
  17. Officer_Walrus

    Rejected Ada

    @Marston The only issue I see with this sheet is the listing of "Ranger-based Discipline" as a hobby. Currently disciplines cannot be taken as hobbies and I would ask that you change the title of this hobby to something else to avoid confusion. Get this fixed and you should be good to go.
  18. Officer_Walrus

    Rejected Ada

    Claimed. Will look over this soon.