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  1. James The Duke

    Rat gang!

    Rat gang!
  2. James The Duke

    Rejected Sylvi

    Heyyo @HereticTakao I got the things removed, let me know if anything else needs changed!
  3. James The Duke

    Tis time to take over Darroway

    Tis time to take over Darroway
  4. James The Duke

    Rejected Inkeri Skörn

    And to think... A student of mine becoming such a strong woman. They grow up so fast *sheds a tear*
  5. James The Duke

    Rejected Ulfhild

    Brother. I shall come with you to Darroway. Time to build you a guild hall
  6. James The Duke

    Rejected Sylvi

    Basic Information.: Name: Sylvi Nickname: Syv Vi Sli Race: Mountain clan (Grawl Ursa Clan) Age: 39 Gender: Female Visual Information.: Physical Appearance: Pale white as if born in the midst of snow and cold having overwhelmingly long blond hair and scars dotting all over her body. The main...
  7. James The Duke

    Rejected Adrian Black

    Up on he shelf he goes. I might play him again but he is being pushed out of the way so I can make another character
  8. James The Duke

    A Dire Warning and Suggestion

    Sebastian would read over the claims set against his friends in the nightshade bar. Grumbling through every word he spoke "This is awful, horrible. These crimes gathered only equate to a few fines and some jail time! They even turned themselves in! Whoever calls for the execution does not...
  9. James The Duke

    Rejected Kohatu of clan Kaitiaki Tuturu

    We love an orcish queen
  10. James The Duke

    The Fire Dance Festival

    ___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___ [On a slip of parchment in very neat handwriting the following was left on the noticebord] ___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___--___ To the citizens of Darroway, welcome to the first-ever annual Fire dance festival! Hosted by the...
  11. James The Duke

    Rejected Fire Dance Festival

    I was told to apply though I did assume it was possible, Thank you for clarifying
  12. James The Duke

    Rejected Fire Dance Festival

    IGN of group leader: Draconiix23 IGN of group members BitTimberwolf, SpooksDragon, _MeteorShower_ IC names of the group leader and group members: Xu Moshu, Nikati, Sebastian, Frog Timezone of the adventuring party This event would span the course of a week so the most people possible could join...
  13. James The Duke

    A Message From The Sacred Sages

    On a clean ripped parchment this message was added As the self-appointed Sacred Sage of Knowledge, I stand by my friends who were wronged. Our group is here for protection, Protection of mind, body, and state of all on this island. Even though some might want to do us harm we are here to assist...
  14. James The Duke

    Rejected Adrian Black

    I hath corrected such things in red (Save for the typo) Hope its all looking good! @skullpanda90
  15. James The Duke

    Rejected Adrian Black

    Basic Information: Name: Adrian Black Race: Ai'din Age: 34 Gender: Male Visual Information: Physical Appearance: Adrian has dark grey skin and a gloomy demeanor, Sporting silvery hair, and like a few Ai'din, no crystals on his body. He constantly looks tired though his body shape contrasts...
  16. James The Duke

    Rejected Sebastian Aronua

    Not only did I change his hobbies stats and spells normally but I also changed his backstory to reflect his magic permission. Added relationships aswell. All made in Purple @_Owlet (Good luck on your magic app btw) @Percuriam @The_Roleplayer No idea how to turn off Accepted and change it...
  17. James The Duke

    you do

    you do
  18. James The Duke

    A Hunters Respite: Camping Sign-ups.

    IGN: SpooksDragon N/A - alone rip Letter to Cielo: I hope this letter finds you well. I am aware we got off on the wrong foot but I would be more than happy to accompany you and your teams on the camping trip. I will do my best to avoid insulting you at all this time -Best regards, Sebastian
  19. James The Duke

    Rejected Sebastian Aronua

    Added a languages page quick but this should not change the accepted status as both languages are common for Amyrians and where he grew up near Pillomire
  20. James The Duke

    Important Build Requests Thread

    Custom Region Assistance Application Minecraft Username: SpooksDragon Build Details(What do you need built? Do you have any references or specific styles?): A little ways away from Gins campsite for a nature research and living tent big enough to have lots of plants and far enough away to make...