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    Christmas Update 2021

    Booya! *This is going to be epic* ;P
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    The Writs of Hope's Landing

    Nikati stepped up to the notice board, reaching out her hand to run a clawed finger over the notice. Reading it carefully, her brows furrowed as she read the poster. “Mm..” she hummed to herself, “This… watch is dealing with a town full of rebels and freedom seekers who just escaped the rule of...
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    Accepted Nikati Reyes

    Added a custom dicipline with the release of the new weapons system! A bit late but oh well lol. Also edited her proffesion and proficency's to match that of the custom dicipline
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    Accepted Gilligan Tolus Kearney

    I love this app omg 😍🥰😩
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    Thank you Sam lmao 😂

    Thank you Sam lmao 😂
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    Important Build Requests Thread

    Ima snatch this request up real quick! Thank you for your patience!!
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    Important Build Requests Thread

    Hello! If this app has not been done yet I will get it done as soon as I can get online!! *doing homework rn lmao* Sorry for the long wait!!
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    Rejected Wylan Skörn

    Basic Information Name: Wylan Skörn Nicknames: Wyl,Skörn Brother Race: Human- Mountain Clan Age: 30 years old Gender: Male Visual Information Physical Appearance: Wylan is a 6’3” muscular Mountain Clan warrior. His skin is very pale, stretching from his shoulder to his lower back is a...
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    Notice against Vor'nir

    After a moment of scanning the notice with her one cyan eye she would cross her arms and turn to moshu, listening to her words before replying with. "Mm.. Perhaps, we should all act more respectful towards everyone else no matter what the past has warrented them no? Not letting go of our...
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    I'm gonna' teach em' how to say goodbye.

    On the end of the docks by the lighthouse sat a hunched over figure, wolf tail sprawled out over the ruined wood. Her one cyan eye gazing into the empty abyss of the sea. “So much has happened since you left this world old friend.. Even through your ups and downs you were there doing what you...
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    Thank you holly <3

    Thank you holly <3
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    ThAnK YoU!! And thanks for the great artttttt 😉

    ThAnK YoU!! And thanks for the great artttttt 😉
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    Ahhahaha thank you ❤️

    Ahhahaha thank you ❤️
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    Accepted Nikati Reyes

    Hey holly! edited some things on my character app! Physical Appearance: Nikati has short dark brown hair scuffed up on top of her head in soft curls. Clothing Description: Her casual dress includes a white tunic and dark leather pants. She has straps that she wears on her hips and back to...
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    Important Build Requests Thread

    Now it has <3
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    Important Build Requests Thread

    Has this ticket been tackled? If not I will handle it! Please let me know!
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    Important Build Requests Thread

    Hello Junbot! Has this ticket been tackled yet? Just wondering because you are build staff so I was just wondering. If not I will tackle this ticket just let me know!
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    Important Build Requests Thread

    This seems like a very big project! Sorry if you have been waiting for this to be responded to! I will ask the head of build what to do about this ticket, considering the huge projects that we are currently tackling it may take some time but I will ask anyways! If you do not still need this...
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    Bitttt filled this out finally!