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  1. Draconiix

    Rejected Inkeri Skörn

    Basic Information. Name: Inkeri Skörn Nicknames: Kera, Skörn sister. Race: Mountain Clan (Grawl Usra) Age: 30 Gender: Female Visual Information. Physical Appearance: Inkeri is a 5’6” tall & muscular Mountain clan woman. Featuring pale skin, green hazel eyes, and black hair that fades down...
  2. Draconiix

    Pressing Manners

    Pinned onto the Notice board was a neatly unfolded piece of paper, Written on it was a note with Curled- and elegant writing. "To whom it may concern about the fight which occurred within the Fire-dance festive grounds, I, Xu Moshu, whole heartily- wants to proceed with pressing charges...
  3. Draconiix

    Accepted Xu Moshu

    __________________________________________ :BASIC INFORMATION: Name: Xu Moshu Nicknames: Mo/Moshi… Shoe? Race: Vhyranni (Furred) Age: 27 Gender: Female __________________________________________ :VISUAL INFORMATION: Physical Appearance: Skin: Her body is covered head to toe in charcoal-black...