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    Main Story Act I: The Carrion Prince and the Sunday Morning Massacre

    Art by @JoyShake ACT I The Carrion Prince and the Sunday Morning Massacre The week had been an unusual one for the occupants of the Island of Darroway, with a terrifying fog and a bone-chilling cold seeping over the Island in what would have otherwise been the beginning days of summer the...
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    Main Story Prologue: The Pale Man Rides on Moonlit Nights

    Prologue The Pale Man Rides on Moonlit Nights The Island of Darroway had seen its fair share of mischief and madness over the last few months. Travellers from around the world certainly weren’t doing the island any favors by invoking higher powers or tearing rifts in the fabric of multiple...
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    Rejected Philippe of Montmagny

    This app actually belongs to me now lul. But its well-written, so approved.
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    Main Story [1/2/2021] Rough Waters and Unfamiliar Faces

    On the Island of Darroway... With the sun cresting the horizon and shedding light on the last of the passenger ships leaving for the unexplored Island of Darroway the fear and anxiety that filled both passengers and crew surrounding the voyage and what was to come was beginning to subside for a...
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    Rejected Cassiel Lhaineth

    Basic Information Name: Cassiel 'Cas' Lhaineth Amyrian Name: Felix Kohler (A name assigned to him when he was working and studying at the University, as non-Amyrian names are not allowed.) Race: Dah'jin, formerly Luvahrin Elf. Age: 30. Gender: Male, presents androgynously. Visual Information...
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    Rejected Rhyder

    Looks good, Approved.
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    Rejected Peitho

    Hi Joy, couple things I wanted to note: Archaeology has been brought up in a couple of different applications from what I've seen, and my primary concern with that particular interest lies in the feasibility of it actually happening in roleplay and the frequency of it being useful. What I might...
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    Rejected Rhyder

    Hi Suji, here's a few notes on the app: For her Profession, you could probably expand hunting or expound on the types of things that she is capable of doing. This isn't necessary, but if you feel the need to do so in the future please let me know. Hunting itself is fairly narrow, so if you...
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    Rejected Rhyder

    Dibs, expect review shortly.
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    Rejected Peitho

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    Accepted Xu Moshu

    Looks good. I'd scan it over for a few minor grammar mistakes here and there and look at your tenses, but other than that the content of the application is good and the character is interesting. Approved.
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    Accepted Xu Moshu

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    Work In Progress Quilt